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We entered the market of development and implementation of applications using Internet technologies in 1996. Our main objective was simplification and higher effectiveness of processes in companies in order to make the work easier for people. We wanted to help them with usually routine administration, sharing of important information and to save their time for the work which is really important. And we are successful in these activities.

Our comprehensive and process-oriented system helps to manage both medium-size and large firms of any type. On a long-term basis, we concentrate also on the health sector area and we offer procedural management in the field of provision of health care.

Thanks to our skilled team of experienced professionals, we are able to propose a solution which brings pleasure and benefits to everyone, from the management team of a firm to its employees and end users of the system. We are also able to ensure a seamless course of implementation and to interconnect an entire company or a group of companies in terms of processes.


From the history

Company establishment and arising of the first web application.


Commencement of development of the MediFlow system, a complete information platform for health care provision management.


Foundations of the iPiS G1 system, an integrated corporate information system with a focus on human resource issues.


Extension of the MediFlow system with a hospital information system.


Laying of foundations of the general comprehensive system IPiS G2, on the basis of the experience obtained from iPiS G1 and MediFlow.


Finalisation of the MAX system (Medical Automated Communication System).


Presentation of the ProCES system (Professional Centralised Enterprises System) as a successor of the iPiS system with extension of its functionalities with the following agendas: working hours, internal communication, project management, area of request forms and remuneration system.


More than 500580

satisfied users of the ProCES system

More than 2000000

registered patients in the MediFlow system

More than 300000

issued invitations to medical examinations per month in the MAX system

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