Medical Automated Communication System for Both Small Outpatient Workplaces and Large Healthcare Facilities

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The system was developed on the basis of long-term experience in the field of provision of private health care in such a way that it could satisfy demanding requirements of patients and at the same provide doctors with a simple and efficient tool for effective organisation of their work activities and communication with patients and colleagues.

It provides a simple user interface to doctors’ electronic planners and offers wide possibilities of personalisation and setting up. The program features a high level of data security, it is useable for all medical expert specialisations and is able to cooperate with most outpatient clinic programs.

It enables patients to arrange for appointments at doctors in a specific term or to ensure an appointment at a specialist directly from the office of e.g. a general practitioner. All functions work with the support of advising SMS or e-mail messages.

Doctors will appreciate especially the effective use of working hours and trouble-free communication with patients.




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