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Happy clients are happy people. They do not have to deal with such issues as what to send and to whom, what must be remembered, and what to remind and to whom… In short, they have got a clear head. Stop stressing yourselves and become happy clients. Then it is always sufficient for you just to choose the right category and enter your requirements into the system.


The bulb in Jane’s table lamp blew. She enters a repair request form in the system, she chooses the request form type from the menu “Repair of office equipment”, she describes the problem and sets a high priority of its solution. The system will accept the request and will send it to Michael through the notification of a new request. As soon as Michael accepts the request, Jane will obtain a confirmation that the problem is being solved. In between, Michael will verify in the system what lamp Jane has and what bulb is to be used, and will fill in the implementation deadline, which means that Jane will be informed immediately. As soon as Michael replaces the bulb, he will enter fulfilment of the request into the system and the system will send a questionnaire concerning satisfaction with the service to Jane.


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  • People and their joint efforts are the most important value of every company. Save energy of all your employees and use it within the framework of your company’s activities for the things that are really important.
  • We will help you with management of processes, shared resources, communication or e.g. reporting. Throughout the entire company, regardless of its size.
  • Thanks to ProCES, we will interconnect all your agendas into one logical whole and by doing so we will increase your effectiveness.
  • The system will assume a large part of your administrative activities as well as responsibility in the field of management of processes. And you will not have to worry about how it all turns out.


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