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Provide every employee with both remunerations and information they are interested in

By doing so, you will be able to fully involve them in the work. In the remuneration system, ProCES works transparently with the targets agreed upon, their fulfilment as well as subsequent rewarding. Thanks to this approach, all employees have an overview of their results and remunerations and can see what they can eventually do for being still more satisfied.


Kamil, as a project manager, agrees with Thomas upon project targets and conditions for successful fulfilment of the project entitled “Moving to New Premises”. Kamil will set the record “Remuneration for the Project” in the system with defined criteria for fulfilment which are sent automatically to Thomas through a notification. The course of fulfilment, as well as feasibility of remuneration achievement can be displayed by all involved persons in the corresponding menu – Kamil, Thomas as well as George (their supervisor) and Helen from the HR Department who reflects the remuneration in the wage.


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  • ProCES will lead you intuitively through management of all your agendas. Simply, exactly and in a reliable way.
  • It will accompany you during partial tasks and will rid you of stereotyped administration.
  • We will help you to pass safely through dangers of a new business case, from the first contact to contract execution. In the area of human resources, we will lead you through recruitment, work reporting as well as a remuneration system.
  • And these are just some examples of the areas in which the right digital ecosystem is able to support you. In fact, its use is much wider.


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