With the proces system, natural joy in work is not a fiction, but a reality

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The system is friendly and easily understandable for both administrators and users


The entire system is based on a central administration of all agendas and on a uniform logical designing tool for functions. The system administrator to whom the complete administration can pass will easily and quickly find their way in the system and will be able to set individual agendas in such a way that they can lead users in a reliable manner during fulfilment of their objectives.

The system is suitably adapted at users (or groups of users) so that they do not have to lose time by entering key information and that their everyday routine work can be reduced.



The Business Department plans, at their regular workshop, a meeting with clients. Charles, as the Department Manager, asks Mary to prepare a survey with three variants of the meeting, with proposals for accommodation and catering. Mary will prepare the survey forms in the template generator of the ProCES system, including the form of addressing, and will send the proposals to Charles. When approved by Charles, the survey is sent through the intranet to internal employees and by e-mail communication to external co-operators. The synoptic report then shows, to both Charles and Mary, who has already read the survey and how it has been filled in by individual involved persons. The system will assess the survey in the specified term automatically and will send the final invitation to the common event.


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  • We will make sure that you and your employees can achieve not only higher effectiveness, but also real joy in your work.
  • We will adapt individual system agendas to the activity of your firm and we will take you through all the tasks in full. Easily and in a well-arranged way.
  • We will help you to achieve all your targets in an easier and more precise way, as well as to enjoy their achievement. Thanks to unlimited possibilities in the system settings it is possible for every user to concentrate on perfect performance, in which they are supported by tailored functions, views, filters and reports.
  • Your work will be really excellent with support of the digital process ecosystem. Why not to enjoy such pleasure?


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